Local Medical Leader Launches True Life Center for Wellbeing

Holistic mental wellness center's concierge service delivers healthy mind and body for people dealing with conditions like depression, anxiety and addiction

LA JOLLA - True Life Center for Wellbeing, an all-new medical treatment center focused on mental wellbeing and optimizing overall health through integrative programs, has opened to treat the symptoms of mental health and addiction and help people thrive in both mind and body. Located in La Jolla and led by its nationally recognized Executive Medical Director and Founder Dr. Krista Roybal, a board-certified psychiatrist and director of Scripps La Jolla's addiction treatment program; True Life uses a holistic approach to treat clients' mental wellness issues including anxiety, insomnia, post-traumatic stress, bipolar and substance use disorders.

Its services include psychiatry, psychotherapy, meditation, acupuncture, yoga, nutrition, massage and more. Clients can enroll in occasional classes or treatments, ongoing programs such as Mindfulness Meditation to manage stress or more intensive treatments for clinical issues like addiction. True Life creates a tranquil environment and guarantees the highest levels of quality and confidentiality to support the healing of clients.

True Life's philosophy is that achieving mental wellbeing, from overcoming anxiety to addiction recovery, is about helping people rediscover their authentic selves. To guide them on their journey, True Life builds customized programs that utilize the best doctors, staff, curriculum and treatment regimens to optimize emotional, physical and social health.

The National Institute of Mental Health reports that one in four American adults has a mental health condition. Most, if not all, can be managed through an integrative and holistic combination of lifestyle modifications, medication and other healing modalities.

"So many people are suffering from poor concentration, debilitating anxiety, an inability to sleep or eat normally and generally aren't functioning to their capacity," said Roybal. "We focus on helping them get back to their true self in the most effective way possible through the right combination of acupuncture, yoga, nutrition services, psychiatric care, medication or any of our other integrative services. In addition to our unique approach, our intensive outpatient therapy is the only one in San Diego with medical doctors highly involved in treatment of patients."

The intensive outpatient program (IOP) is a complete addiction treatment and recovery plan that offers the independence and flexibility needed in the real world, as well as the framework and accountability to ensure clients' success. Research has shown that intensive outpatient care has resulted in lasting sobriety levels equal to that of residential addiction treatment. For those seeking help, True Life's IOP provides premium patient care in the first and only integrative mental wellness center in San Diego County and beyond.

True Life offers monthly seminars where doctors provide information and answer questions to assist families in helping their loved ones get help for their mental health or substance use issue. The next seminar is planned for May 17th at True Life Center in La Jolla. True Life also provides an online assessment to help those who are concerned they might have an addiction determine whether they should seek treatment.

To learn more about True Life Center for Wellbeing and its unique approach to treating mental wellbeing issues and chemical dependencies, visit www.truelifewellbeing.com or call 858-202-1822.
About True Life Center for Wellbeing

Led by nationally recognized Executive Medical Director and Founder Dr. Krista Roybal, True Life Center for Wellbeing treats mental wellbeing and substance use issues, from stress to depression to addiction, through an integrative, holistic and evidence-based approach that delivers real results. Courses such as yoga, meditation and acupuncture are available on an individual basis for those dealing with mental fatigue or "burn out." True Life Center for Wellbeing's holistic approach encompasses individualized treatment, group therapy and/or intensive outpatient care to ensure that clients maintain lifelong wellbeing and thrive in body and mind. True Life Center for Wellbeing is located in La Jolla, CA near Torrey Pines in the legendary UCSD science community. For more information, see www.truelifewellbeing.com or call 858-202-1822.

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