Bedding Innovation Helps Couples "Keep the Peace" While Snoozing

Entrepreneurial interior designer enters the product arena with Keep the Peace Bedding, designed to give couples a better night's sleep… together

Just in time for balmy summers and blasting AC systems, seasoned interior designer Renae Farley has launched an innovative consumer product to help couples sleep better, together. Designed as a solution for couples battling different temperature preferences while sleeping, Keep the Peace Bedding’s design revolutionizes the traditional couple’s comforter with unique construction, eco-minded practices and a variety of fabric options to create the ultimate in customizable bedding.

“It all started when I got married and my husband and I had extremely different internal thermostats,” says Keep the Peace Bedding founder Renae Farley. “After many restless nights, it became a real problem.  I have been an interior designer for over 30 years and do custom bedding for all of my clients, so I decided to take on this challenge and cut our comforter in half. I kept my down that I liked to sleep under and bought a lightweight cotton blanket for my husband’s side. I attached them with a heavy-duty white plastic zipper and voila, we were both happy! We have used ours for seven years now and we joke that it saved our marriage. I want to help other couples achieve that same level of harmony!”

Unlike other products on the market, Keep the Peace Bedding uses a unique zipper concept to create split comforters that allow each individual to choose the desired warmth and material for their “side.” The zipper makes it possible to fold back or completely remove one side of the comforter without consequence to the preferences of the person sleeping on the other side. The intended result is an end to bedroom disagreements about warmth and a better night sleep for both people, which in turn promotes increased health benefits.

Assembled in the United States and manufactured with minimizing environmental impact in mind, Keep the Peace comforters are made without dyes and are available in down, synthetic down, bamboo matelassé and cotton matelassé. As the creation of an interior designer, Keep the Peace products have an eye on style, too.

“I created Keep the Peace Bedding as a blank, comfortable canvas,” comments Farley. “It’s designed to be used under a decorative coverlet or quilt so couples can still make their sleeping haven their own.”

But Keep the Peace Bedding isn’t all about looks – it has a heart. In addition to helping couples coexist, the comforters are also ideal for easing temperature-related sleep discomforts commonly associated with life-stage, aging and health issues such as allergies, pregnancy, menopause and cancer. Farley herself is a breast cancer survivor and wanted Keep the Peace to help men and women battling illnesses to get the restorative, health-boosting sleep they need to rest and heal.

Keep the Peace Bedding is available exclusively online. For more information and to order, visit

About Keep the Peace Bedding  

Keep the Peace Bedding (KTPB) is a stylish, high-quality, customizable bedding product for couples whose sleeping thermostats are out of sync. Designed by San Diego-based interior designer Renae Farley, KTPB uses a unique zipper concept to create split comforters that individualize warmth year-round. The product is intended to help users achieve a better night’s rest, which ultimately results in the health benefits associated with quality sleep. KTPB can also help people who experience sleep-related temperature fluctuations due to aging or health factors such as allergies, menopause, pregnancy and cancer treatment. To learn more about KTPB, visit